COVID-19 Information

Please remind everyone that we are still providing vaccine clinics, at the Baca County Public Health office. The next scheduled vaccine clinic is Tuesday, November 30, 2021 from 8:00 to 11:30, it will be at Baca County Public Health Office, also we will be offering pediatric Pfizer vaccine to children aged 5-11 years. We still have some flu vaccines available. Testing is still available every Monday in the parking lot of Southeast Colorado Hospital (373 East 10th Avenue, Springfield). We are now offering free COVID testing at the Baca County Public Health Office, we will being providing testing on Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30am to 9:30am. We would ask that people call ahead to make an appointment. As our numbers continue to grow, we need to work together to slow this down. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

mAb Colorado Website: mAb Colorado is a statewide health campaign dedicated to building awareness and helping people access monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19. mAb is an acronym/abbreviation for monoclonal antibodies. mAb Colorado has a website,, that provides the following to the public:

ü · Basic information about monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19;

ü · Details on how patients can access monoclonal antibody treatments; &

ü · mAb Colorado Communication Kit with flyers and social media graphics that can be shared.

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RCF Comprehensive Mitigation Guidance.pdf – Google Drive

include a new vaccine breakthrough data visualization

main data dashboard

COVID-19 Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Case Data dashboard

Baca County Public Health Agency has been notified that we have nineteen (19) new laboratory confirmed cases in Baca County. Out of respect for patient’s privacy, we will only release the following information (No other information will be released at this time):

The patients:

Are residents of Baca County.

Have been placed into isolation after receiving the positive test results.

Close contacts are being contacted and will be placed in quarantine.

Baca County case numbers:

(March 11, 2020 to present) total COVID cases are five hundred sixty (560). Other Baca County information is as follows (Wednesday November 24, 2021 @3:00pm):

Total count for the week of 11.24.2021 is 19.

* Positive cases: 560

* Hospitalizations: 24

* Current hospitalizations: 2

* Deaths: 6

CDPHE’s numbers on their website is showing 544 cases. Here is the website: