Vilas, Colorado

vilas2Vilas, Colorado is a statutory town located about 11 miles from the county seat of Springfield. Originally platted in 1887, Vilas was historically a cattle ranching town that survived the dust bowl days and once competed for the county seat.
Today Vilas is a small but thriving town that is home to approximately 120 residents, many of whom have children that are still in K-12 School.

sunflowerAdditionally, Vilas is home to County Lollipops, a retail and wholesale confectioner. You can reach them at 719-523-6876.

The current Mayor of Vilas is Terry Freed. The Town Clerk is Mildred Norton and can be reached at 719-523-6889. The Vilas Town Council meets the second Tuesday of each month. The meetings are open to the public.