Walsh, Colorado

Walsh Sunset PhotoWalsh, Colorado is the sort of frontier town that doesn’t know what the word “can’t” means. A few years back the only grocery store in Walsh closed, creating a 20 mile drive to the nearest grocery store.  A bad winter and 4 ft snow drifts made residents go days without being able to get to a grocery store.

Town elders and officials gathered to talk about groceries and marketing. Deciding against a feasibility study, the town called a meeting.  There people voted to open the store as a cooperative. More than 300 people bought shares at $50.00 a piece.  That combined with a no interest loan from Southeast Colorado Power Association was enough to get it open.

The store is thriving and is open 7 days a week with 14 employees.  Customers love the fresh produce, organic foods and fresh meat. The store had $1 million in gross sales the first year and continues to be in the black.  The town’s success has become a model for other Great Plains and Midwestern small towns trying to save their grocery stores, which sociologists call one of the five necessary anchors for a stable community.

The town of Walsh’s current Mayor is Don Lohrey.

Walsh Town Office
401 N. Colorado St
Walsh, CO  81090
Email: townofwalsh@gmail.com

You can visit the Towns Official Website here. You may also find them on Facebook.