Two Buttes, Colorado

Two Buttes is one of the smallest incorporated “cities” in the state. The population in the town is about 50, however many buildings and structures remain from its heyday when the population was around 2000. The town was founded under the formation of the dam at Two Buttes creek making Two Buttes Reservoir. Two Buttes was officially incorporated in 1911. Over the years the reservoir has evaporated and today it is used by local county residents for boating.

There is also a local swimming hole called the Black Hole on the other side of the dam enjoyed by locals. In early 2010 a group of teenagers stumbled across some documents in the local trash dump. The documents contained complete history of the town including all written correspondence, town laws and other acts. According to the museum curator, Two Buttes has one of the largest archival collections in the nation. The museum and library are open on Fridays.

two buttes sign

The Town of Two Buttes

Mayor: Spike Ausmus
Manager: Elaine Riegel

500 Main St
Two Buttes, CO 81084
Phone: (719) 326-0104

Map of Two Buttes

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