Drivers License

Drivers License Office Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 3:30pm

741 Main Street
Springfield, CO 81073

Information for applicants:

  • New applicants need to bring these original documents:
    • Lawful Presence Document
      • Name change original document. ie: marriage license, divorce decree, court order.
    • Proof of Social Security
    • Two proofs of physical address
  • Two Proof of Address documents are required if the address on the front of your ID/permit/license is not your current residential address.
  • The addresses for minors under 21 can be proven with a parent’s adult license showing the correct address on the front of the license and one other document.
  • Drivers who are renewing and have not moved from the address on the front of their license do not have to provide proof of address.
  • Name Change – marriage, divorce, or adoption
    • Before you can change your name with the Drivers License office you must have changed your name with Social Security Administration
    • You will need all supporting documents for the name change at both Social Security Administration and the Drivers License office
    • More info: – Change your name
  • View the¬†Proof of Name, Identity, Date of Birth, and Lawful Presence requirements
  • You can find additional information at
  • Appointments¬†Required for Driving Tests
  • Downloadable Forms