Baca County COVID-19 Report 4-2-2020

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Baca County Update: 4/2/2020

Between Walsh Medical Clinic and Southeast Colorado Hospital District, 46 tests have been completed to test for COVID-19.  Of these 46 tests, there have been 4 positive results, 42 negative results, and there are 3 tests still pending as of 4/2/2020 at 2:00 pm.  There are also 5 presumptive cases which are all isolated at home.  All people who have tested positive are isolated and recovering at home.   A thorough epidemiological investigation is currently underway, with absolute priority given to contact investigations, risk assessments, and isolation/quarantine information (disease control and containment measures) based upon the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention guidelines.

Anyone in our community who is exhibiting symptoms is asked to self-isolate.  Household members of those exhibiting symptom are also asked to self-quarantine.  If you are sick, please call your healthcare provider and they will provide you instruction on what to do next.  If you do not have a healthcare provider, please call Southeast Colorado Hospital District at 523-6628.  ALWAYS call your healthcare provider FIRST before you go to the office so they can give you instruction.  Please remember that not everyone with COVID-19 symptoms need a test or will be able to be tested.

It is essential for everyone to continue to follow strict social distancing and the stay at home requirement to fight the spread of the Coronavirus.  To prevent community-wide transmission in Baca County, it is important to vigilantly follow state and public health orders.

Please stay home as much as possible. 

  • You can leave your home to do a limited number of specific things.
  • When you go out, you must follow Social Distancing Requirements.
  • People at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to stay in their residence at all times, except when they need to get necessary medical care. Necessary medical care does not include most “elective” procedures, which currently are prohibited.
  • Only essential travel is allowed.
  • Sick people must not go to work.

What are necessary activities?

Activities, tasks and errands you must do to keep yourself, your family, and your household members safe and healthy.  Necessary activities include:

  • Getting essential medical care, medical supplies, and equipment, and medicine.
  • Getting food and supplies for yourself, your animals, your family, and your household members. That means the supplies you need to live a healthy life, keep a safe and healthy home, and get supplies you need to work or learn at home.
  • Caring for a family member, vulnerable person, or animals that are in a different location than your home.
  • Walking your dog or feeding animals.
  • Outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, cross-county skiing, running, etc. Group sports or activities that would break Social Distancing Requirements are prohibited.
  • Going to work or providing essential products and services for a critical business or critical government function. It can be hard to figure out what is considered essential or critical.  People are encouraged to understand what is in the order and follow it closely.

What are Social Distancing Requirements?

  • Keeping 6 feet of physical distance between all people at all times. The 6-foot rule does not apply to people who live in the same house as you.  In other words, your roommate and family.  But if you, your family, or your roommates get sick, you or they must self-isolate.
  • Washing hands as often as you can. Wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  If soap and water are not available use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes. Use a tissue, then throw the tissue away. Use your sleeve or inner elbow if a tissue is not available.


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