State Land Board Expiring Leases

Download: Baca county expiring leases

DATE: July 25, 2023

TO: County Clerk and Recorder

FROM: Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners

RE: Posting of the Enclosed Listing(s)

Enclosed is a listing of expiring state trust land leases within your county administered by the
Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners.
It is the statutory duty of each county clerk to comply with C.R.S. 36-1-118 (2) regarding the
posting of this listing. Section 2 reads as follows:
(2) Prior to the quarter period beginning April 1, 1955, and prior to each quarter period
thereafter, the board shall make a listing of all grazing and other agricultural leases which
expire within the second succeeding quarter period thereafter, giving a description of the land
leased, the name of the lessee, and the expiration date of the lease. At least five days prior
to the beginning of each such quarter period, a copy of such listing shall be certified to and
transmitted by the board to the county clerk and recorder of each county in which any such
land to be leased is situate and shall, by said county clerk and recorder, immediately upon
receipt thereof, be posted in the courthouse in a conspicuous place to which the public has
access and kept so posted until all leases listed thereon have expired. A copy of such quarterly
listing shall also be posted at the times above provided in the main office of the State Board
of Land Commissioners, available for public inspection.

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