Letter From State – Orange to Red Alert

November 24, 2020
Glen R. Ausmus, Commissioner
Shiloh Freed, Commissioner
Rick Butler, Commissioner
Baca County Board of Commissioners
via email
Cindi Parsons, County Administrator
Baca County
via email
RE: Baca County COVID-19 Dial Level Change
Dear Commissioners and Administrator Parsons:
On November 19, 2020, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) notified Baca County that the county’s incidence rate had exceeded COVID-19 Dial Level Blue thresholds, and subsequently the county was moved to Level Orange to facilitate the additional implementation of restrictions. At that time, the county’s COVID-19 metrics were as follows:
● Two-week cumulative incidence rate: 281.21/100,000 people
● Percent positivity: 2.02%
● 2-week COVID-19 case count (new cases): 10
As of today, the county’s COVID-19 metrics are as follows:
● Two-week cumulative incidence rate: 393.7/100,000 people
● Percent positivity: 2.68%
● 2-week COVID-19 case count (new cases): 14
Given the increase in incidence rate, case count and percent testing positivity, an
implementation of additional restrictions is warranted at this time. As such, CDPHE is moving Baca County to COVID-19 Dial Level Red.

The change from Level Orange to Level Red is effective tomorrow, Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 5pm and the county should work to inform residents, businesses and other stakeholders to ensure the transition is completed by then.

This process will require the county to implement restrictions across all sectors as described in Section II.F of Public Health Order 20-36, as amended.

Baca County Dial Change – Level Orange to Level Red
November 24, 2020

Should the county restore metrics for a less restrictive level at any time during the more restrictive phase, the county would need to maintain those metrics for two weeks and complete the request process described here.

I appreciate the unique challenges facing Baca County and commend you for your diligence. Preventing the spread of this persistent virus takes the cooperation of everyone consistently practicing good disease prevention strategies and your partnership is critical to this effort.

Lastly, if the Department can be a resource for you in any capacity, please let us know.


Jill Hunsaker Ryan, MPH
Executive Director
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment