Fire Season 2017

Link: Original Baca County Sheriff’s Facebook post

Fire season is upon us again, and the risk of grass fires increases greatly as spring brings warmer, dryer weather. Grass fires endanger property, lives, and livelihoods across the county, and we are very grateful to our volunteer firefighters for protecting our communities!

Volunteering goes beyond bunker gear, many of our farmers and ranchers volunteer equipment and water access which is a vital role in fighting fires across our county. The Walsh Ambulance Service has purchased a program that includes the ability to map resources countywide, including fire resources. This will assist all agencies across the county during fire season or any other fire incident by providing a centralized list of county-owned resources as well as resources offered by our citizens. This may include water access such as irrigation wells, stock tanks, pools, water tanks, cisterns, or any other water source. We also need access to heavy equipment that could be used in creating fire breaks or otherwise assisting in fire suppression. Any information provided will help us keep our county safe from fire.

If you would like to contribute to the resources available to our responders, we have enabled messaging on our Baca County Sheriff’s Facebook page to streamline the process. Please provide your name and phone number, water resource, heavy equipment type, and location where these items can be found. We will contact you should we need to use your water or equipment and you can opt out at any time. You can also call us at 719.523.4511 or email the information to us at .

Conditions are critical at this time and any effort you can make around your property to reduce fire fuels will aid in our efforts to fight fires throughout our county.

Download this document: Sheriff’s Letter – Fire Season