Baca County COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Clinic

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On Friday, February 19, Baca County held a very successful mass vaccination clinic for COVID-19. The event took place at the Fairgrounds in the Minnick Building beginning at 8:30 am for those involved in education. It then was opened up to all that qualify by 9:00 am. The entire morning ran very smoothly which could only happen because of great collaborative planning and coordination.

The teamwork between Baca County Public Health, Baca County Emergency Management, Baca County Sheriff’s Department, Southeast Colorado Hospital District, Southeast Colorado Hospital EMS, Baca County Maintenance, Southeast Health Group, our Regional Partners as well as numerous volunteers allowed approximately 130 Baca County residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Teamwork and having partners you can depend on and trust, proves that living in Baca County is truly a blessing.

The team is planning on hosting another mass vaccination clinic for those who need their 2nd dose as well as for all who are eligible to receive the vaccination on Friday, March 26. More details will be coming out soon.

Download: COVID-19 Vaccine Administration and Screening Form

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